Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In Everybody's Best Interest

Indian women are known to be the most unfriendly in the world, for the most short-sighted reasons. The way they look at men is too ridiculous. Each individual woman behaves as if she believes that she and she only has males as fathers, brothers and sons. As if other women do not have males as fathers, brothers and sons but only have female- chasers and chastity thieves. It is so obvious a problem of viewing the world around them, almost a ninety percent blindness caused by unwarranted and unfounded bias against men. There appears to be unrelenting competition to prove who is more chaste than the other by being nastier to men more than others. Going by the looks of most of the women, such a concern for them is totally unwarranted also based on the fact that men are influenced mainly by attractive looks. When most women do not qualify to be anywhere in this category, their extraordinary preoccupation with protection of their chastity appears to the entirely self-fuelled . Even the ugliest woman assumes without any evidence that the most attractive of men are chasing her and she has a need to look behind all the time. Well, it turns out that she will feel shattered if her need for someone to chase her does not get fulfilled. That explains why most women are a frustrated and morose lot, despite their pretensions being otherwise.It will be a great surprise eye-opener for them that going by their attractiveness and attitude even their husbands do not have any care about their chastity or otherwise, they just do not care. Only Indian women can be credited with this extraordinary ability to make such a big fuss around a matter which nobody cares. Have we Indians not heard of Draupadi and her five husbands,Krishna and his countless gopikas. Traditional culture of Indians from ancient days being female dominated and fun filled, from where and when this saddistic and snobbish culture infiltrated into Indian culture is a question to be traced, debated and erased for good to avoid each half of the population being a perennial source of unproductive tension to each other.If this aberration in culture is due to a failure in understanding, it needs to he rectified with utmost urgency.Most probably this can be traced to the enforced fancy over the Victorian morals which was a compulsory pretension to the British period officialdom, the vestiges of which should have vanished by this time. In contrast, as a paradox, it was allowed to grow like a monster eating into the most natural relationship of men and women. Men and women as species are biologically and emotionally made for each other and they are compatible and complementary to each other. They should live work and have fun together. On the other hand India is the only country, apart from the aboriginal cultures, where men and women are segregated like different races not be mixed together at any eventuality. Suddenly they come together at marriage and with their total lack of skill and understanding, they fail to be fruitful and enjoyable relationships and end up at best as legal minimum co-existence with accompanying bitterness and exasperation.We have schools and colleges for boys and girls separately and in all the imaginable social situations women are encouraged or rather forced to avoid men by other women more as a competition in deprivation. It is not surprising then that India must contain the largest number of lesbian women who can neither dare or care to reveal their sexual orientation brought about by their own self-imposed perpetual segregation from men.Politicians being the most irresponsible social abusers try to perpetuate and widen the divide so that women can be easily manipulated by promising female chauvinistic laws. While such laws are proposed and touted by the cunning politicians women must be vigilant and intelligent enough to realize that it is their fathers, brothers and sons who are going to be affected by such laws, which the politicians can take advantage of, by keeping the entire male population under constant doubt and insecurity about their interaction with womenIt is all the more smart of them if they realize certain basic differences in human natures which are applicable to men and women and liberate themselves out of the ‘Being chased’ obsession and the mentalities based on such eccentric obsession. Because,the truth is that men are as emotional and sensitive as women are, if not more, and they have no impulse or inclination to chase any woman howsoever attractive she may be. The perceived insult hurts him more than the perceived loss of her. The hurt of the insult is infinitely more powerful than the pull of the interest the woman,if at all, manages to create in him. And they don’t have to look faraway for evidence and proof, they only have to look at their own fathers, brothers and sons, who are going to be victims of other women’s snobbery and all the politicians’ entrapments. Why they should lend themselves to create such a mess in the society.The criminals and eccentrics who disturb women and reported in the news are very very insignificant in number,may be even less than one percent and it is not an intelligent society which forms its social norms based on eccentricities and applies them to the ninety nine percent of normal people.

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