Friday, January 25, 2008

Dress,Glamour,Attraction and the Attention

A prelude:This essay is about attraction and revealing dressing and instincts of nature.
If you are one who feel you should not be caught reading this,do not read further.

This post I wrote after the Gateway Molestation incident .
It went on to become a featured essay in the most popular Blog in India.
The story of molestation repeated this New Year eve also.
Again with another NRI girl.
And I felt the need to repost it again.

Women dress to attract .Attract whom,that they do not care.They hope to attract the attention and subsequent admiration if due,of only men and women of their taste.Depending upon the nature of dress,almost everyone they do not expect gets attracted and motivated to react.This brings them into conflict and makes news,like the Gateway incident.

Is dressing evocatively the lure they lay out for potentially suitable mates in the most basic instinctual way,as animals in Nature use various forms of lures?

What they perhaps intend is,that all and sundry should approach them and they have the right and pleasure of rejecting and snubbing sportively.This the mankind should take as occupational hazard and continue to practice this as a perpetual mating routine.Women find nothing wrong in that.After all men and women are intended by Nature to procreate and not to build bridges and planes. That is anyway secondary ,far inferior to the urge to procreate,which manifests as all the known and unknown human traits.Our entire genetic programming is to support this primordial activity of Nature and we do all we do,to satisfy this thirst of Nature.

The right to lure and choose is so fundamental to the womenkind,that it becomes the basis for their happiness,feeling of well-being and their dreams are made of the prerogative of performing this.That is why they reject to even consider the entreaties to dress to avoid attention.To them it appears to be a part of male stupidity, to be oblivious to the obvious.

Now it becomes a situation of choices.

There are men who can handle the approach-rejection bit.They approach routinely,get rejected and go on to other women routinely.They are the ideal species for women,they fit well in the scheme of things,as long as the material is not of too poor a quality,way below their perception of suitable suitors

There are men who approach once,get rejected and become dejected never to approach any more women.Women do not care about this type.They do not understand why it should be so.It is the man's problem.If he does not know how to handle it, he deserves to sit alone and brood.Let him go get a life.

There are men who do not care about all this nitty-gritty of approach and approval.They just take the ball in their own hands with the hope of playing the game in their own way.They do not care about time and place also.They start doing it wherever theyfind the ball to play with.If they cannot do it alone they gather friends for support and cheer.They build their life around being able to play the ball according to their own rules.

There are women who can handle such ball-grabbers.They can face them,fight them off and become winners.The best thing is they do not feel any need to feel bad about this.It is part of the game.In what other way it is supposed to be,they ask.For them,the game is heating up.All the more fun,all the more thrill and all the more strength,with every passing game,the man and the game.They confidently choose to dress evocatively and the way they want,in public,whatever happens to others in the news.Not that it only happens to others,it can happen to anyone,but the feeling bitter part is weird.What is there in Nature,will happen the way it is,who are we to think of doing anything about it to change it,and then feel bad about it.It is a needless mindset.One can do better in life without this 'controlling the Nature and the inevitable'mentality.

There are gangs of men who do not care about getting arrested,paraded and prosecuted.(every year about 67 lakh Indians get arrested for crimes,98% of them new,making almost every adult Indian male between 18 and 50 an arrested criminal,statistically)They are the natural equivalent of the natural women,who dress to kill,or to evoke at least,that too in public.The sense of public and private is a product of civilisation induced inhibition and the vast majority is not civilised in all the aspects.Completely civilised, in other words may also mean a completely and comprehensively tamed timid animal of a human kind of the 'castrated' gutless variety .They continue to handle attraction by 'handling' the object of attraction(women for men) and the target(men for women),the way animals would have done it and keep doing it.Whatever the laws may say.Laws are for tamed animals,not for animals of Nature,of the jungle.All the tactics animals instinctively adopt to handle hunger and competition are crimes in law,making all animals 'criminals'by default in law of the 'human'land.

Now girls who do not want to be in a situation handling animals of Nature have the choice of covering up extensively and they choose it.They choose apparent safety to the thrill of seductive luring and getting chased.They are the 'more inhibited by the demands of being civilised' kind.
It is just another matter that men intoxicated with too much of revelry choose to handle entirely covered up objects also.Well,that is a time-of -the-year-specific aberration,there are always exceptions to the rule.Or there are not enough number of rules to cover all situations,and hence sometimes there are more exceptions than inclusions.

And there are the pragmatic type who choose to dress attractively,(that is revealing or emphasizing attractions) in familiar surroundings where they expect their target audience of suitable suitors.In strange places,where the audience is uncontrolled,they choose to cover up.Being familiar with niche marketing they choose to forego the random audience.
It all is a matter of individual emotional profile and skill in making personal choices,to suit those profiles,that matters in life,as it does in investments.

It is the way things are.


unpretentious_diva said...

Women dress to attract .Attract whom,that they do not care.
You are no less criminal then those rapists.
Since you cannot control your mind, hence you will loot?
You mean, no one should be rich otherwise poor will loot and kill, no girl should go outside home otherwise you will rape them, no girl should come out of burqa's and viels otherwise you will grab their chests.
anyways, some human actually do not act like rational Animals.
for some Mind and reason is nothing but their animalistic instincts are their only way of living, just like some Mindless creature!
By the way, dressing is just another hypocritic blame-game, it is nothing but victimising of the victim.
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